Slip and glaze Japanese style bowl

Making bowls, jugs, vases and individual items are at the heart of the work I am engaged in at Pink House Pottery. I love throwing bowls and making jugs. There is something about these items of ceramic work that is very special. To hold a bowl in your hands and feel the clay and the work of the potter who has invested in making the bowl is something vey special and the same is true of a jug. 

I like jugs without a handle. To hold the body of a hand made  jug or caraf as I pour again reminds me of the level investment someone has made in making and glazing the jug. That really captures what is special about pottery.  From just looking at a piece of pottery it is hard to appreciate the skills and the commitment of the potter who has made the item of pottery you are looking at, possibly considering to buy. Then when you pick it up, feel the body of piece, recognise the consistency of the clay and the ability of the potter to manipulate it, that is when pottery comes alive.

Over the course of the coming weeks we will be using your reaction to pots, bowls and jugs posted here to develop the range of products you would want us to offer. All will be included, small and larger pouring jugs, carafes and general purpose bowls. I would really appreciate your advice and comments on the wares you want to see included here.